I'm Manuel (if you can't pronounce my name, you can call me Manny). I'm a programmer since 2006, and my passion at the moment is Node JS. I still deal with iOS development on a daily basis though.

For work, I'm a part time teacher at the University of the Philippines Open University, I make several personal projects and websites (listed below), I do freelancing, I manage a side business, and I currently have a day job as a programmer.

For other stuff, I'm a couchsurfer, and I travel whenever I can. I volunteer to help educate street kids in Manila. Oh, and I enjoy cooking, because eating outside is becoming expensive, and cheap foods are unhealthy; I'm currently addicted to pasta dishes!

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  • Node JS + MongoDB - 2013 to present
  • iOS Development - 2010 to present
  • Java + Oracle - 2006 - 2016
  • I also have experience in Meteor, Ionic, Android development, Python, Ruby on Rails, Alfresco, DSpace, Liferay, MSSQL Server, Struts, Hibernate, Grails, Spring, and Photoshop.. yes, Photoshop. Sometimes people want me to be a graphics designer, but I hide this fact sometimes because I want to focus on my technical skills.

Personal Work:

  • HashtagCircle.com
    • I'm not good at giving gifts so I thought of a service I can give to my friends who are getting married. People enjoyed it, and suggested maybe offer it to the public as well, thus Hashtag Circle was born.
  • Pesobility.com
    • Got annoyed that investment is not taught in school, so I made this finance-awareness website. Traffic is doing pretty well.
  • CurrencyConverterAPI.com
    • My site, Pesobility, needed a currency conversion API but I cannot find anything that's easy to use, reliable, and free. I thought, maybe others will find it useful as well, so I made it a standalone service.
  • Oils JS Framework
    • Made a framework on top of Express for my convenience that I can use for all of my Node JS projects.
  • Sitetistry.com
    • Extended my Node JS framework to support multi tenancy. So I'm hosting several of my projects using Sitetistry.. saves a lot of cloud computing resources.



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If you're looking for my contact info, you may email me at [email protected], you attractive person you!